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USA (Ft. Lauderdale / Fort Myers, FL)
American Freight Line S.E. Inc.

Toll free: +1 (888) 846-4235
Tel: +1 (954) 767-0929

American Freight Line - WEST LLC


Tel: +1 (424) 400 7447

Deutschland (Bremerhaven)
AFL Logistic GmbH

Tel: +49 (0)471 142-690

Deutschland (Hamburg)
AFL Logistic GmbH

Tel: +49 (0)40 74 200 13-0

Youtube Videos:

AFL verschifft diesen Mercedes Benz 300SL von Bremerhaven nach Kalifornien.

Container Verladung in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

So holen wir Ihre Traum-Fahrzeuge über den Atlantik...

AFL International Logistics Group ist der Logistic Partner von Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2015 Informationen finden Sie unter

Classic 24 Hour Race in Daytona, Florida 2014:

The classics are coming to Daytona!

The 3.56-mile road course at the Daytona Speedway has been providing ground for international sports-car racing since 1961. But in 1966 the legendary "24 Hours of Daytona" was born. Only a few race tracks host 24 Hour races and only one remains still unchanged: DAYTONA.

This year the first 24-Hour Classic Race for historic race cars in Northern America will take place at this famous racetrack. Six groups of legendary racecars will be featured based on their performance and age, competing in one-hour sessions, four times each within the 24-hours

image of classical car image of classical car image of classical car image of classical car

AFL International Group had the honor to organize the international transport of seven classic racecars from Europe to participate at this event. The following video will show you the loading process of a few of those magnificent cars in Bremerhaven: loaded container All seven race cars arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL by the end of October. Here they got stored in our warehouse until they got transported to Daytona by our professional partners.

ferrari classical car porsche classical car

Once the dust has settled on the racetrack all seven racecars will be prepared for their way back home. The cars will therefore get transported back to Fort Lauderdale, FL to be loaded by our professional loading team to ensure that every car returns safe and secure.

For further information on the Classic 24 Houre Race at Daytona visit 24 hour race daytona

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