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Transport Insurance

Claim rate with AFL under 1%

Many of our customers ask why they should be responsible for transport insurance, as they assume that the responsibility lies on the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder is only liable for the minimum coverage. If you consider that the transport process contains eight to ten interfaces it is difficult to pinpoint where a possible damage might have occurred. Due to our intense controls, we are able to minimize damages and are able to locate where a damage occurred. Unfortunately there are risks involved that nobody can influence (e.g. environmental influences).

Below you will see the process of shipping a vehicle in chronological order. It will show you risk areas where damages could occur.

The Process of Transporting a Vehicle and its Risks

1) Transport from the buyer to the freight forwarder
e.g. Risks of accidents

2) Receiving, storage and loading
Storage: Environmental influences e.g. hurricanes, snow storms
Loading: Inadequate securing as well as false loading due to choosing the incorrect freight forwarder

AFL keeps the claim rate under 1%, because receiving, preparation and loading of the vehicle is handled by our professional AFL team.

3) Container transport to port of export
Risk of accidents from the warehouse to port of discharge

4) Storage and loading of the container at the terminal at port of discharge
e.g. Incorrect container handling

Due to the risk of explosions vehicles can only be shipped with max. 1/4 of gas and all batteries will be disconnected by our AFL team at time of loading.

6) Arriving and unloading at port of destination
7) Container transport from port of arrival to destination agent
8) Unloading and storage
9) Delivery and oncarriage to final destination

Claim Rate under 1%

AFL is capable to minimize the possibility of claims due to our intense controls. Unfortunately the risk of claims can't be fully eliminated and residual risk still remains.

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