Tour Americal 2013

08.10 2013
Within ten days from New York along the East Coast to Miami (FL) - 160 classic cars from Antwerp, Belgium, were shipped to the US. On their way south they visited Washington DC as well as Savannah (GA) and Daytona (FL).   After many nice stopovers along the route, we were able to receive the participants of the Tour Americal on October 15th at our camp. After weeks of intense preparation we were all looking forward to the arrival of the vehicles.   Afterwards we went to the meeting room to have some chilled drinks and a small present from AFL. Anyone who wanted to could still view our storage. The warehouse, which was otherwise filled with expensive and rare cars, now looked more like a car museum - a dream for every car enthusiast.   With the certainty that the best pieces of the customers were in good hands, they relaxed on their journey home.   The return shipment of the vehicles could then be addressed without delay: thanks to our two charging teams we managed to send about 40 containers within a week back home.