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Transport insurance

AFL with a loss ratio of less than one percent.

Many of our customers ask us why a transport insurance should be contracted because they assume that in case of damage, the liability lies with the carrier. However, the carrier is only liable to a minimum extent.

A transport chain for the shipment of a vehicle contains between eight and ten interfaces, so that it may be tedious to determine the damage origin exactly. With the aid of intensive interface controls, AFL can minimize the risk of damage and determine where damage has occurred. Unfortunately, there are risks that cannot be influenced, such as environmental factors.

For a better understanding, you will find below the chronological sequence for the shipment of a vehicle. This shows you where risks along transport exist.



Pre-transport from the seller to the forwarding agency

  • for example accident risk of the truck

Acceptance, storage, loading at the forwarding agency

  • Storage: Environmental influences such as hurricanes or snowstorms
  • Loading: Faulty securing and faulty loading of the vehicles if the wrong forwarder is selected.

AFL has a loss ratio of under one percent because the reception, vehicle preparation and loading of vehicles by our professional AFL team is one-stop processed and controlled.

Truck transport of the container to the port of loading

  • Risk of accident of the truck during transport of the container from the warehouse to the port

Storage and loading of the container in the terminal of the port of departure

  • for example, incorrect container handling 

Ocean transport

  • Hurricanes and storms on the high seas
  • Explosion and fire hazard on the ship

Due to the risk of explosion, the tank of the vehicle may be filled to a maximum of one quarter. In addition, the battery is disconnected by our AFL team when loading the container.

Arrival at the port of receipt of destination and unloading of the ship

Truck transport to the warehouse of the forwarding agent

Discharge of the container and storage

Delivery: domestic transport to the destination


Damage rate below one percent

AFL makes it possible to reduce the sources of damage along the transport process in the best possible way. The risk of damage cannot be eliminated by AFL, so there is always a remaining risk.